About Us

Welcome to Marketing Dime.

In our world, "Di" represents the wide spectrum of online marketing strategies we explore. We diligently navigate through diverse avenues to find the most effective ways to connect businesses with their audiences in the digital realm.

The letter "m" symbolises our commitment to "Measurement and metrics" in digital campaigns. We analyse numbers and data to fine-tune our strategies, ensuring our clients receive the best Return on Investment (ROI) for their marketing efforts.

Moreover, "e" denotes the crucial "Website Events" we track, such as clicks, shares, and Calls-to-Action (CTAs). Understanding these actions helps us refine campaigns, ensuring meaningful interactions and engagements with the audience.

Beyond these aspects, "Dime" signifies our dedication to delivering exceptional marketing solutions without a hefty price tag. We prioritise offering high value for our clients' marketing investments.

At Marketing Dime, we blend professionalism with simplicity, making digital marketing strategies accessible and effective for businesses aiming to thrive in the online landscape.

An open group of freelancers working professionally behind a company to satisfy the needs of both the market and individuals to achieve the essential service of digital marketing.

Some examples of digital marketing works we do are:

This point helps you understand what a Marketing Dime does. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any follow-up questions or if you'd like more information. 😊

Shubhendra Gohil


I'm Shubhendra Gohil, a Social Media Specialist at Marketing Dime. My expertise lies in SMO, SMM, and Influencer Marketing. Let's collaborate to elevate your brand's social media presence!

Mayank Shukla

Hey there,

I'm Mayank Shukla, a Digital Marketing & SEO Expert at Marketing Dime. Proficient in Google Analytics, Content Research & Distribution, SEO, and SEM, I craft targeted strategies that boost brand visibility and drive conversions. Let's connect and amplify your brand's digital presence together!

We follow a specific structure where we use various online platforms and tools to create and execute effective marketing campaigns that achieve the desired goals.